Fit Happens TV – Season 1


Kitchen - Chris, Keith and foodKeith and Chris produced a four-part TV series on fitness for the Community Channel called ‘Fit Happens’ which was first shown in the UK on the Community Channel on Sky Digital, Freeview and Virgin.

Each episode of Season One is hosted jointly by fitness personalities Keith Cormican and Chris Zaremba, and takes a magazine-type format – a bit like Top Gear but on a significantly smaller budget and with less intra-crew violence!  The target audience is anyone who is interested in learning more about increasing their fitness levels, reducing their fatness levels, or a bit of both.

In the four shows Chris and Keith cover gym training for various body parts, running, cooking healthy recipes, cycling, aerobics classes, cardio, yoga, stretching and a wide variety of viewers’ questions.

They hope they haven’t missed anything, but there’s only so much can be crammed into four shows of 30 minutes.

As well as the contents shown below, each episode also includes a few questions from viewers, and answers from Keith and Chris.

Its on YouTube as follows:

Click here for Episode 1 – with running, gym work for back and biceps, and cooking a healthy meat meal

Click here for Episode 2 – with gym cardio, aerobics classes and healthy snacks in the kitchen

Click here for Episode 3 – with yoga, stretching, salmon being cooked and gym work for chest and triceps

Click here for Episode 4 – with cycling, leg training in the gym and preparing a great breakfast

Keith and Chris hope you watch the episodes of Series One and can pick up a few tips that will improve your fitness, both exercise and nutrition, and whatever your favourite form of sport or activity is. Not just in the short term, but for the rest of the year and beyond.

We want to add years to your life, and life to those years!

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