Fit Happens TV – Generation Specials

In addition to the two seasons of Fit Happens, there are also two special cross-generation episodes.  The first is ‘Fit Happens – Generation Challenge’, and the second is ‘Fit Happens – Generation Revenge’.

These specials feature me (Chris) as a fitness mentor and contestant and his mentee Dan Wynes, aged 21 at the time of the first special.  Dan and Chris challenge each other to be the best of their respective generations on the fitness model contest stage. These special episodes show them as they head towards contest time – training in the UK and California – and features exclusive on-stage contest footage from both events.

See the first special by clicking Fit Happens Generation Challenge.

The second special takes the story on a couple of years, when they renew that very same challenge – to be the best  of their respective generations once again on the fitness model stage.

See how they got on – and how Dan and Chris progressed in those two years – by watching the updated show.

See the second special by clicking  .

Find out more about Dan by checking out Dan’s website.

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