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‘Fit Happens’ is the name given to the television series produced and presented by three fitness professionals – Chris Zaremba, Nicola Feustel and Keith Cormican.

There are two series of Fit Happens,  the first series was four programmes featuring just Keith and Chris, and the second series – five all-new episodes – has Nicola Feustel joining the team.

There are also two TV Generation specials featuring Chris and Dan Wynes.

Nicola, Keith and Chris are well-known, in the UK and around the world, for their high profile fitness presentations, media appearances and impressive range of clients – all focussed on the two things that Fit Happens is all about: (1) upping your fitness levels and (2) downing your fatness levels!

Main Marketing Image 1Chris is perhaps best known for has ‘Fat to Fit at Fifty’ documentary, which has been seen by over 200,000 people both on TV and on-line, as well as his several successes at fitness contests.  He changed his life massively in his early fifties by finding joy in exercise both inside and outside the gym.

This changed him in five years from being 115kg, obese and pre-diabetic at age 50 to becoming a fitness model and muscle model world champion for his age group, and adding marathons, triathlons and mountain climbs to his fitness mix thanks to his new found fitness.

Now a lean 73kg, Chris has a keen on-line following, with around 180,000 viewings of his YouTube training and inspirational videos.  He is the first to admit that he is far fitter now than ever before, and the only regret in his life is not having discovered the joys of a fitness-up and fatness-down lifestyle thirty or forty years earlier!  For more on Chris, look at

Nicola Feustel  is an activist in the Body Positive community, helping people feel confident in their bodies through her Personal Training and Group Exercise classes, indoors and outdoors.

Nicola believes real health comes when you stop fighting your body, stop dieting and start eating intuitively. She shares her personal journey of overcoming an Eating Disorder and BDD and her wide fitness knowledge through public speaking, her radio show on radio 91.8 HayesFM, and her regular podcasts ‘FeustelFIT Health & Fitness show’, found on Itunes.

She enjoys raising the barbell but also raising her two kids, Nikita and Katie.  Nicola is very passionate about fitness being a part of her whole family, and indeed families everywhere.  For more on Nicola, look at

Keith was one of the UK’s top sports nutritionists. His clients ranged from well-known celebrities to top politicians and members of the GB Olympic squad.

Keith had on-line and face-to-face nutrition clients around the world, and has used his motivational and inspirational approaches to bring fat-loss and fit-gain success to his hundreds of personal clients, as well as those who have obtained his nutrition and cooking advice books.

And when he wasn’t  in the kitchen, he could often be found cycling high in the mountains or pounding the pavements somewhere exotic in the world – or perhaps showing his abs off on the cover of a magazine somewhere!

Sadly, Keith lost his battle with cancer in March 2017.  He will be remembered with much love and affection by his family, Chris, Nicola, his colleagues and clients in fitness, and his friends all over the world.  His express wish was for everyone to continue to think of him in the present, not the past – so this site and all other mentions of him refer to Keith as if he is still alive and a huge presence in the world of fitness.  Which to everyone who knew him, he is.

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